Information about Crewrr



Crewrr connects the world's best film crew with productions around the world who need to fill individual crew spots. For example, are you a production company based in Los Angeles, but need to hire a cinematographer in Portland, Maine and have zero contacts there? Just search for a cinematographer in Portland, Maine on Crewrr and fill that crew position immediately. You book directly with the crew member. 

So book your crew today. 

Crewrr is founded by Aaron Craig, a NYC based filmmaker and serial entrepreneur. Aaron in the past has co-founded a separate company, which went on to become a Y-Combinator funded startup and recognized worldwide. After that success and with a desire to fuse his passion for filmmaking with the tech industry, Crewrr was born. Realizing he wasn't the only one faced with the issue of booking crew worldwide, he decided to create the solution for everyone.