Information about Crewrr

How it works

How it works

Who can sign up for Crewrr?

-      Anyone can sign up for Crewrr. But after sign up to post a crew position, we do an internal verification to make sure you are who you say you are. This is to maintain our quality control. Once verified, you can create your profile. Productions looking to hire crew members can create a profile at any time without needing to be verified.  

How much does Crewrr cost to join? 

- Anyone can create a profile on Crewrr for free! If you choose to post a listing to list your service, we charge a small free of $3 per month. We are one of the most affordable listing services around! There is also a 14 day free trial and you can cancel at any time. No questions asked. 

How are Crewrr members verified? 

-      Once you submit your payment information, we do an internal verification process to see that you are who you say you are. If it all checks out, you'll get an email confirming your verification. If not, you won't be charged anything! 

If I hire someone on Crewrr, when am I charged?

-      Crewrr doesn't process your payment to the Crew member. You must organize your payment method with the service provider and handle all tax liability as you would with any other service provider. 

If I am hired on Crewrr, how am I paid? 

-      you are paid as you normally would be if hired on a contract basis for any other production. You will speak directly with your booker who will define the payment terms, send any relevant tax forms, etc. 

Once I book or am booked on Crewrr, how does a contract work?

-      Crewrr does not provide contracts between the buyer and the crew member and all contracting must be handled independent of Crewrr. 

How are taxes managed via Crewrr? 

-      Crew members on Crewrr are hired as a contract worker and the crew member must are responsible for accurate tax reporting.  

Can I get hired from international clients? 

-      Yes! Crewrr is open to the world to use. If there is someone from another country who is coming to your town to film, they have full capability of using Crewrr to locate and hire you. 

Who sets my rate?

-      You set your own rate as the crew member! There is not any minimum or maximum amount you must be paid, as long as that amount exceeds your local/federal minimum wage requirements. 


Can I do half day rates? 

-      This is up to you. You 100% define your rate with your booker and can work out all the details of that rate with them.  


Can I add photos and videos to my bio? 

-      Yes! Anyone can add photos or videos to their profile! Currently, YouTube videos will be linked and shown in your profile, but we are working on getting Vimeo support as well. Profiles with more photos and examples of relevant work tend to showcase better. 

Can I message clients on Crewrr?

-      Yes! Once a buyer requests to book you on Crewrr, they will have the ability to send you a message detailing their projects needs. You will be able to communicate directly via Crewrr to sort out all production details. 


If I've worked with some other crew members on the site, can I review them to let others know how good they are? 

-      Yes! We allow members to comment publicly on other users walls. This allows others to get a sense of how the crew member works. 

What if my buyer wants to hire me for additional days? 

-      No problem! You define your days, rate, overtime, rental fees, etc with the booker. Just make sure that all fees are defined well in advance of the work date. 

Can I offer more than one service on Crewrr?

-     Yes! Just create one account and then you are able to list multiple services within that profile. So, for example, under one profile you may have 1 listing for being a gaffer, 1 listing for being a grip, 1 listing for being a Cinematographer, etc. 

Can I offer comprehensive services as a production company on Crewrr?   

- It is possible. While Crewrr isn't designed specifically for production companies, you can list under 1 profile everything that is included for a 1 day shoot. For example, say you are a one-man-production who offers cinematography, sound, lighting, directing, producing, and much more, describe that in your description and be sure to list your service as "production company". 

If I list my specific gear on my profile, will that be searchable?

Yes! If you write in your profile, for example, that you own and operate an Alexa, then each time someone searches for "Alexa" and you meet their search criteria, you will appear in their search results.