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For Actors

After seeing the success we had with crew members, we wanted to open it up to actors as well! You create your profile, tell the world who you are, show your portfolio and headshot, and make it searchable for productions looking for actors or extras like you for upcoming productions. Crewrr creates a passive way of booking gigs. Instead of constantly applying to new jobs, productions reach out to you when it looks like you'd be the perfect fit. We are available worldwide.

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For Crew Members

We make it easier for productions around the world to find you. Set up your profile, tell the world why you're the best at what you do and you're all set to be found on Crewrr. We accept all film crew members across the board. Crewrr creates a passive way of getting new gigs because you aren't forced to constantly apply for jobs -- productions reach out to you if they see that you'd make a great fit. Sign up today!

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Transforming an Industry

Our mission

Our mission at Crewrr is to bring film and photography freelancers lots of work and make the process of hiring cast & crew the easiest it's ever been.

Why we started

We have been running a large film production company in NYC and always had issues finding crew around the world. We realized there had to be a better way than browsing Facebook groups and finding random connections. Thus, Crewrr was born.

How we work

Anyone can set up a crew listing for just $5 monthly. Cancel anytime. No questions asked. Easy breezy. We were freelancers ourselves and know how much every dollar matters. We simply want to be a great place to find great freelance crewmembers and to bring freelancers as much work as possible, all while building the world's largest database of freelance film crew and actors.

Featured Crew Available

We have dozens of crew titles available to be hired. These are some of the featured positions we offer.

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Sign up now to browse crew listings or to post your crew position.